Failed flashmobs, gumballs and a Visit from the Goon Squad

Here’s how today’s #GumballSA debacle reminds me of an excellent novel I just read.

Today a scandal broke on Twitter. Again. This time, videos were circulated of people doing odd things at Cresta Shopping Centre in Johannesburg. At first people thought these were failed and embarrassing flash mobs. Then, a couple of hours later, some other people started tweeting links to their blogs with the hashtag #GumballSA … and the ugly truth was revealed.

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The top 20 SA magazines on Twitter

I was working this list out again, to check how Kick Off was doing, and decided to publish the results here, in case anybody is interested.

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Top South African magazines on Twitter

MediaSlut used to compile this list, but hasn’t done one recently, and since I was gasping to find out where Kick Off is in the top 20 these days, I decided to pull it together myself. Continue reading “Top South African magazines on Twitter”