First world my arse

Because my mother was traumatically uprooted at 11 and taken to Benoni, where she was bullied by schoolmates and called a ‘bladdy immagrant’ by teachers (she even had to do a subject called ‘immigrant Afrikaans’), England became a weird nostalgic Utopia for her, and I was brought up to believe it was heavenly[1]. The television was better, the comedy was funnier, the chocolate was tastier. Continue reading “First world my arse”

The best place to watch the moon rise and the sun go down …

Everyone living in Cape Town knows that the best place to watch the full moon rise is Lion’s Head … but I reckon the lesser known Kloof Corner is even better.

The sun going down and the full moon coming up over Cape Town.

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The top 20 SA magazines on Twitter

I was working this list out again, to check how Kick Off was doing, and decided to publish the results here, in case anybody is interested.

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Krap on the trains

Taking the train every day you see a lot of interesting things. Some of the graffiti is most interesting indeed. I spend a lot of time looking at it, smirking, and taking surreptitious photos, leading a lot of people to believe I am a creep. Who cares? I’m not the only one. Graffiti comes from the Italian word graffiato, which means ‘scratched’. The Afrikaans word for scratch is ‘krap’. The English word for what a lot of this graffiti is, is ‘crap’. It’s all nicely summed up in my first picture.

‘Julle ma se poeste. Waarvoor krap julle so op die f…ken trein, nou maak julle my ook krap. [indecipherable signature] STOP IT.’

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Top South African magazines on Twitter

MediaSlut used to compile this list, but hasn’t done one recently, and since I was gasping to find out where Kick Off is in the top 20 these days, I decided to pull it together myself. Continue reading “Top South African magazines on Twitter”

Gif it to me, baby

Ah, gifs. The gift that keeps on giffing.

Last night at the Two Door Cinema Club gig, at a secret location in a location, I tried out this gif app I found in the Android store.

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Creepy statues on the Promenade

Simon and I took our American friend Kerry for a walk on the Seapoint Promenade recently. They talked big ideas and I played with my phone.

As a serious postcolonial theorist Kerry was horrified by how kids in this country play on simulation oxwagons. So of course I made her pose on one. One has to keep one’s sense of humour. Continue reading “Creepy statues on the Promenade”