The top 20 SA magazines on Twitter

I was working this list out again, to check how Kick Off was doing, and decided to publish the results here, in case anybody is interested.

Let me know if I’ve left anybody important off the list.

Heat magazine stays at no. 1, with Drum and Cosmopolitan swapping second and third.

Drum is growing the quickest, however, gaining 7,134 followers since May, as opposed to Heat‘s 6,155 and Cosmo‘s 4,930.

Kick Off has leapfrogged FHM and Huisgenoot, to take position four, gaining 7,163 followers – the most followers gained by any of the publications (go us).

Kick Off obviously benefits from an extremely active website, where we can promote our Twitter account quite aggressively. On the other hand, for brands that don’t focus so much on their website Twitter is one of the only ways readers can keep in touch, which I think probably makes Twitter more of a focus for fans.

I’ve added Rolling Stone to the list, they come in at no. 7, so the magazines in positions below that will obviously be affected negatively.

Nonetheless, Men’s Health has made a jump from 14th to 12th, gaining 4,897 followers, while Women’s Health has gone the other way, from 13th to 15th, gaining just 2,470 followers.

One Small Seed dropped the most, four places from 15th to 19th, gaining the fewest followers: 1,242.

Destiny Connect grew second least, with just 2,138 new followers since May, followed by Eat Out with 2,215.

O Magazine and Elle Decoration were bumped off the list, replaced by two magazines that should have been included last time around: Rolling Stone, as I said, and Art South Africa at (no. 16).

Rolling Stone has made a quick rise up the charts since their launch edition in December 2011, amassing an impressive 21,128 followers since joining Twitter in August 2011. Must be that Idols judges cover.

I’ve made a Twitter list of the Top 20, here, and a list of SA magazines on Twitter in general, here.

Here’s the list from May for comparison:

Top South African Twitter accounts

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