Gif it to me, baby

Ah, gifs. The gift that keeps on giffing.

Last night at the Two Door Cinema Club gig, at a secret location in a location, I tried out this gif app I found in the Android store.

It’s just like actually being there, right!?!

Yeah! Clap!

Check the rocker out in this one:

Woo! Loving the arm movement. And there was this guy with these amazing light-up pants. I think he knew I was taking multiple photos of his legs, but I doubt he knew I was creating gifs of them too … behold!

I’m currently in the process of persuading mon chou, Simon, he’ll make an excellent gif subject. Watch this space.

Author: ProjectJennifer

Project Jennifer was one of the most complex, expensive, and secretive intelligence operations of the Cold War at a cost of about $800 million ($3.6 billion in 2012 dollars).

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