The best place to watch the moon rise and the sun go down …

Everyone living in Cape Town knows that the best place to watch the full moon rise is Lion’s Head … but I reckon the lesser known Kloof Corner is even better.

The sun going down and the full moon coming up over Cape Town.

It’s a much shorter walk, about 15 minutes, although it is pretty intense … it’s basically a 45 degree angle all the way up. I’d say I’m at a low-medium fitness level, and I have sore thighs for a couple of days afterwards.

The nice thing is that it’s much quieter than Lion’s Head on a full moon night. Usually there are only about three or four groups of people, as opposed to the hundreds you can see climbing Lion’s Head.

The Kloof Corner walk goes all the way to the top of Table Mountain, which involves climbing on chains and things, but to watch the sunset and moonrise you can stop at a rocky outcrop about 20 minutes up.

From there you have a view of the sun going down on the left, the moon coming up on the right, and the walkers up Lion’s Head in front of you. As it gets dark you see a trail of torchlight going all the way around Lion’s Head as they come down. It’s quite a sight.

Here are some photos I took with my phone … not great quality but you get the idea. Click on the first image for a gallery.

The walk starts from Tafelberg Road, on the last bend before the cable car station. There a small parking lot and a green sign on the right that says Kloof Corner. You can’t miss it.

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